Leaders in Sporting & Tactical Gear

UltimateArmsGear has been in business for over 25 years. Our goal is to provide the highest quality defense accessories to keep you one step ahead of the game at an affordable price! We are a front runner in the industry with a vast inventory on a wide variety of merchandise there is sure to be something that will fill your need.

Here at UltimateArmsGear, it is our mission to provide the best products at a competitive price.

We sell unique weapon accessories such as: combat optics, and holsters to Special Forces units, military, law enforcement agencies, SWAT teams and security organizations. Our innovative product selection is driven directly by our customers‘ specific needs. In addition to rigorous laboratory tests, our products have been tested under fire by elite professionals: our customers.

Our products were developed to fill specific needs at the request of different military organizations. This equipment has seen extensive real-world combat use by some of the most elite forces in the world.

Reliability, simplicity, and functionality are what count when your life depends on your equipment. UltimateArmsGear accessories are designed and built for situations where failure can mean death. They are combat tested and proven to work.